Deluxe Edition Details



CD 1 – Remastered Album

1.The Lovely Linda                                                                    
2.That Would Be Something           
3.Valentine Day                                                             
4.Every Night                                                                
5. Hot As Sun / Glasses                                                   
7.Man We Was Lonely                                                   
8.Oo You                                              
9.Momma Miss America
10.Teddy Boy
11.Singalong Junk
12.Maybe I’m Amazed

CD 2 – Bonus Audio Tracks

1. Suicide [Out-take]
2.Maybe I’m Amazed [From One Hand Clapping]
3.Every Night [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
4.Hot As Sun [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
5.Maybe I’m Amazed [Live At Glasgow, 1979]
6.Don’t Cry Baby [Out-take]

7.Women Kind (Demo) [Mono]



DVD – Bonus Film


1.The Album Story                                              
2.The Beach                   
3.Maybe I’m Amazed Music Video                                                                      
4.Suicide [from One Hand Clapping]                                                     
5.Every Night [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea, 1979]
6. Hot As Sun [Live at Concert for the People of Kampuchea, 1979]
7. Junk [MTV Unplugged]
8. That Would Be Something [MTV Unplugged]



24bit 96kHz high resolution audio versions of all 20 songs on the remastered album and bonus audio disc